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Sander Raaijmakers

Professional profile: Senior Software Designer with experience in Research and innovative projects in the field of IoT, Consumer Electronics and Real-Time Traveler Information Systems.
Creative in providing solutions for tough problems; flexible; knowledgeable.

Working in the IoT (Internet of Things) domain for 2 years:
  • Research activities including prototyping for new IoT standards (IP based)
  • Standardization work, including writing security specifications based on IETF
Working in the Internet TV domain for 8 years:
  • Smart TV pioneering/R&D work
  • standardization (Smart TV Alliance)
  • Philips Net TV (HbbTV/CE-HTML)

Worked in the Interactive Public Transport Information Systems domain for 2 years.

Specialties: IoT, Philips Net TV/Smart TV, Smart TV Alliance, C, C++, Linux, CEA-2014/CE-HTML, HTML 5, SDK, HbbTV, Sigma Designs, ARM, Firefox, Oracle, Traveler information systems


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