Resume - Sander Raaijmakers

Name: Sander  Raaijmakers

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Technical Manager, Lead Software Specialist. Experienced in Research & Development projects and international standardization activities. Providing direction to new innovative projects, proposing solutions for tough problems; flexible; knowledgeable.

Currently working in the IOT (internet of things) domain at The Connectivity Standards Alliance  as Technical Tools Manager responsible for leading staff that works on various certification tooling used by the membership. Previously working at Signify (former Philips Lighting) Research, responsible for chairing the Zigbee Direct standardization Zigbee Direct work group in the Connectivity Standards Alliance, and embedded software development in various Research projects.

Worked in the Internet TV domain for 10+ years:
• Client development (at Active Video Networks)

• Smart TV pioneering/R&D work (know-how/new technology investigations)

• standardization (Smart TV Alliance)
Philips Smart TV (HTML5/Browser Technologies/HbbTV/CE-HTML)

Worked in the Interactive Public Transport Information Systems domain for 2 years (Real-Time Traveler Information Systems).

Innovation, Smart TV, Standardization, Linux, Browser Technologies


Company: Connectivity Standards Alliance

Function: Technical Tools Manager
– present, remote (Gelderland, Netherlands)
Leading the Technical Tools team responsible for creation and maintenance of various certification tools used by the membership to certify and validate technical solutions based on the CSA developed IoT standards. These include Matter, Zigbee and new developments such as Aliro.

Company: Signify (former Philips Lighting) (Research), Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Function: Lead (Embedded) Software Specialist, (Central) Works Council Member
– February 2023, hybrid - Eindhoven Area, Netherlands
Working in the IOT domain at Signify Research. responsible for  leading a standardization work group, (embedded) software development within various Research projects. Technologies include pioneering in  Zigbee standardization and other connected lighting related areas.
Active as chair of the Zigbee Direct Balloting Group within the Connectivity Standards Alliance, responsible for the release 1.0 of the Zigbee Direct Specification.
Active in the Central Works Council and Works Council Innovation, with regular higher management interaction to advise and provide consent on forthcoming changes within the Netherlands based company.

Company: NSpyre (an Altran company), Eindhoven, The Netherlands (customers: Philips, TP Vision)

Function: Senior software designer/consultant

Period: February 2005 – February 2016, Hybrid, Eindhoven, The Netherlands


Various lead software consultancy projects, standardization activities and investigation related to Internet Technologies in an R&D setting at TP Vision and Philips, Smart TV Alliance as well as the automotive industry:

  • Consultancy in the automotive domain (HMI technology).
  • Participation in Smart TV Alliance working groups for TP Vision
  • Vice chair/chair Smart TV Alliance SDK Working Group.
  • Principal architecture, design and development of Net TV/Smart TV (Alliance) SDK (browser/support software, documentation) for Smart TV app development for
    Philips Net TV under Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.
  • Technical (project) lead for support and software design related to areas of performance enhancement and development tooling.
  • Research, design, development of browser related software for Philips Net TV (embedded, MIPS).
  • Providing (architectural) support for various CEA-2014/Smart TV related projects.


Company: Ordina Technical Automation, Eindhoven, The Netherlands (customer: Philips)

Function: Embedded software designer

Period: 2005 – August 2008


  • Design and implementation of embedded software (browsing, media playback) using IXP42X/Sigma Designs 862X chipset for the purpose of development of
    multiple CEA-2014 (Net TV) prototypes for e.g. exhibitions (IFA, CES).
  • Consolidation of CEA-2014 client architecture. Design and development of tools and processes for IXP42X platform-support in a hotel environment,
    this included providing on-site assistance.
  • Design and implementation of demonstrator software based on Firefox browser and Videolan for new CEA-2014 standard (web4ce) in C++, XUL,
    HTML under Windows XP. PC hardware/software tweaking for the demonstrator.
  • Setup and management of a Wiki system for projectcommunication and documentation.
  • Design and development of SDK (software and documentation) for CEA-2014 service development under Linux and Windows.
  • Development on Philips Net TV (first CEA-2014 compatible device).
  • Technical lead for support teams and for tool-development.


Company: AXI - Breda, The Netherlands

Function: Oracle programmer

Period: 2004 – 2005

Development of various Oracle Forms applications for inventory-control and CRM.
Development of reports within the retail industry for feedback on article-status and inventory-status.


Company: Strukton Systems, Hengelo, The Netherlands

Function: Software engineer

Period: 2001 - 2003

Worked primarily on RIS: Real-time traveller information system.

  • Developing software and drivers in C under Linux for controlling (custom made) PC-104 hardware like watchdog, RS-485 communication with information displays.

  • Development of software modules for RIS under Linux in C, PL/SQL and Pro*C.

  • Development of the userinterface in MS Visual Studio using Visual Basic, with backend DBMS Oracle 8i.

  • Development of testtools for information displays.

  • Configuration and release management using Test Track Pro, CVS and PVCS.



Name: Zigbee Direct 1.0

Description: A new feature of Zigbee that simplifies onboarding and control of Zigbee devices directly via Bluetooth Low Energy devices.

Name: Smart TV Alliance SDK (Software Development Kit)


Name: JSTx (Open Source, Home Automation)

JSTx is a command line utility to execute (Philips/TP Vision television supported) jointSPACE commands on a device that supports the jointSPACE protocol. JSTx
runs on Linux PC's, Raspberry Pi's and Nokia N900 mobile phones.


Name: Net TV SDK

Net TV SDK (TP Vision/Philips - lead development)

Volunteer functions:

Name: Stichting Samen voor Oekraine

Function: Secretary Board of Directors
Since: December 2022 - May 2023


Name: Fontys Hogescholen

Title: Ing. (B. of ICT)
Field of study: Informatics

Period: 2005 – 2006

Graduated with first-class honours.


Name: Saxion Hogescholen

Field of study: Informatics

Period: 1994 – 2001







Signify S&R award 2022 - for the work on Zigbee Direct

Connectivity Standards Alliance - Larry Kohrmann Leadership award - for chair work on Zigbee Direct